The new trend Internet newspaper for the people worldwide, with power vested in them so that they can contribute directly or indirectly through The Saturn Herald. Each issue a group of readers directly contribute to the main stories.

The Saturn Herald is the Internet newspaper for multi–lingual Europeans and English speakers Worldwide keen for up-to-the minute news from all over the World and continues the emerging trend for online Newspapers and delivery of news through this outlet. The Saturn Herald will open up exciting new Opportunities for brands conducting content marketing. The Washington Post met with Google Founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page in 1998 and refused to back their company. People living through an age of revolutionary change usually fail to grasp what is going around them! The Saturn Herald in the internet made it possible for advertisers to target specific audiences. Both Google and Facebook have the ability to target people with acute interest in a product as these are people who have searched for similar items in the past.

Grow your Business and establish brand loyalty with The Saturn Herald across any device – I-pad, tablet, laptop, Mobile on any platform.

  • The structure and presentation of The Saturn Herald on the internet- uses this medium as an interactive process in which the public reacts with this internet newspaper which better serves the public to gain competitive knowledge.
  • The Saturn Herald will transcend national barriers to promote a wider understanding of World Issues. With an up-to-the minute digest of European and World political, economic and social reports, a strong book section, Celeb gossip, World cinema, travel, Horoscope, Interiors, cuisine, Dating, practical living, Finance, Science and technology, Gadgets, games and intelligent arts coverage. We at The Saturn Herald have an ideal formula for editorial and readership success. The Internet paper will feature news, reviews, interviews, human-interest stories, SMstings (Social Media postings), competitions and on a practical note we also offer a counselling service by expert professionals who can provide individual or group therapy or advice, with a special feature on Customer Service. As William Shakespeare said: “there are more things on heaven and earth than are  dreamed of in your philosophy, Horatio”.
  • The Saturn Herald brings together World’s best thinkers, connoisseurs and practitioners on social media and networked business and paves way for superior thinking.
  • The Saturn Herald readers are regular people, aspiring businesspersons and those with established businesses who want to be kept well informed of developments. Our interview style encompasses the themes that will dominate for years to come, our philosophy embraces first not all who fall are fraudsters; some bite the dust through sheer bad luck, others because, the times were too challenging. Honest persons who failed should not be written off! They should be encouraged to start again because we need men or women of that type of grit and determination. It is after all entrepreneurs of this type who are, or should be, the backbone of Free Market Economy.
  • The Saturn Herald will appeal to scholars, researchers and students of journalism and mass communicators. Our contributors and readers who are frustrated by the tendency of modern reviewers to marginalise their views will welcome no pedantic and opinionated write-ups of the type in which books discussed are merely an excuse for the reviewer to air his or her own opinions – and that goes for our fresh approach to movies too! The Saturn Herald will run a consumer experience page, and share customer service experiences and our consultant will give you advice on issues arising from them.
  • The Saturn Herald, will strive to promote a critical and sensible awareness of good writing by an eclectic array of scribes in a popular style and form totally new to Britain. The Saturn Herald is committed to cater to people needs and their experiences and will have a positive approach to the World viewing issues with critical sympathy. Our readership will embrace modern consumers opting for easily accessible online content in multiple platforms like smart phone, I-Pad and laptops.
  • The Saturn Herald is aimed at industrialists, bankers, MEP’s, MPs, academics, students and International diplomats. Some of the best writers around the World have been recruited to file entertaining and informed copy on politics, law, economics, culture, sports, and the Arts. We also have a distinguished panel of academic and political experts who will be called on to use their specialist skills to unravel what may be regarded as complex and complicated developments. Conscious of the clamour for A larger New World order, The Saturn Herald will also concentrate on developments in Eastern Europe, Russia, India, China, Singapore, Brazil, Japan, South Africa, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand.
  • The Saturn Herald will appeal to an important segment of the market hitherto ignored. Readers eager for a newspaper with a Lucid easy-to-read style, free of hyperbolic jargon and the obsession with narrow national interests.
  • The Saturn Herald will be published in the web aimed to please and Inspire thinking people from all over the world.
  • We wish you interesting and stimulating reading.



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