Alki David

Coca Cola heir caught with $1.3m of cannabis in St Kitts

Alki David
Alki David

Alki David 50-year-old Coca Cola  has been arrested with his fellow billionaire business associate  Chase Ergen (66)  after landing in St Kitts on a  private jet allegedly carrying  £900, 000 $1.3 million worth of cannabis.
They were transporting  5, 000 cannabis plants  with The Tudors’ actor pal Jonathan Rhys-Meyers (41) and his family.


David was questioned for 8 hours after the plane landed said “Johnathan Rhys Meyers was cavity searched. We left the airport after the search but was then arrested after trying to leave the island a few days later.” The Greek billionaire  whose family owns the Coca-Cola Hellenic bottling company, is believed to have been carrying hemp clone plants, seeds and CBD oil for a new venture.

He has been charged with intent to supply, possession of controlled drugs and importation of a controlled drug, but was later released after paying bail of over £23, 000.

Ergen was again  then arrested for drug possession days later after being found with what David claimed was medical ketamine and still remains locked up. Both men said “they were working to ensure the island takes it rightful place as a leader in the world’s fastest growing industry – legal CBD hemp”.

Lawyer Henry Browne said the mere possession of Marijuana seeds is not a crime however prime minister Timothy Harris’s office said ” Non-nationals would not be permitted to secure advantages over nationals as we set about to build out a marijuana industry”.