TikTok and Microsoft

Now Microsoft wants TikTok

TikTok and Microsoft
TikTok and Microsoft

Microsoft confirms discussions to acquire China’s ByteDance, TikTok after President Donald Trump threatened it with a sweeping ban.

Donald Trump says the government should get a cut from the sale of TikTok’s US unit if an American firm buys it.

ByteDance is under pressure to sell its US business after Mr.Trump  Threatened a crackdown on Chinese tech companies.

The Trump administration has accused TikTok and others of providing data to the Chinese government, which Beijing and TikTok denies.

Beijing would not accept the theft of a Chinese technology company and warned that China had plenty of ways to respond if the administration carries out its planned smash and Grab.

TikTok’s US operations will close down on September 15 unless Microsoft or somebody else is able to buy it work out a deal, an appropriate deal so the Treasury… of the United States get a lot of money” Trump said.

Microsoft has spent years walking back consumer plays like the Groove Music service, the Kinect Xbox accessory, Windows phone, and Mixer streaming service, and move to acquire TikTok’s operations in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand could benefit many of Microsoft’s existing businesses while also setting the company up as a real competitor to YouTube and Facebook.