New Zealand one of the first countries to welcome 2021

Ring in the New Year from around the world

New Zealand one of the first countries to welcome 2021
New Zealand one of the first countries to welcome 2021

New Zealand rings in 2021 with a fireworks display in Auckland amid strict lockdown and border closures in the country.

Australia rings in the New Year with a fireworks display in Sydney, without the crowd.

In China, the annual New Year Light show in the capital Beijing has been cancelled with celebrations scaled-down in cities across the country.

In Japan, the traditional New Year event at which Emperor Naruhito and other imperial family members were to greet people has been cancelled.

In India, Delhi and several other cities have imposed a night curfew and other restrictions to prevent large New Year gatherings.

In France, the government has ordered a visible security presence in urban areas from 20:00 on Thursday, when the curfew begins. In Paris, half of the Metro lines will be closed in the evening as France has had two lockdowns, and bars, restaurants, the cultural attraction will remain shut into the new year.

Germany is under lockdown until 10th January, and the government had banned the sale of fireworks and placed tight restrictions on the number of people who can gather in public. Jens Spahn the health minister said the country would have the “quietest New Year’s Eve” in living memory.

The Netherlands is under lockdown until 19 January and the countdown will take place behind closed doors at a football stadium in Amsterdam.

Turkey began four-day lockdown on New Year’s Eve.

In England, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has urged people to follow the rule and Stay at Home.

New Year Honours 2021.

In Ireland the highest level of restriction is in place, banning all household visits, closing all non-essential retail and limiting travel to 3 miles.

In the US officials have placed strict restrictions on festivities in many states and cities. In New York, the illuminated Times Square Ball will be dropped during the traditional countdown to midnight and not open to the public.

Fireworks have been cancelled in  Las Vegas and San Francisco.