Spy's Jude Law

SPY out on DVD – prepare to laugh out loud!

Spy's Jude Law

Above – Jude Law – in Spy

“Spy” stars Melissa McCarthy, Jason Statham, Rose Byrne and Jude Law in an incredibly well put together spy comedy thriller which will have you laughing at the gags and stunts as well as the sometimes below the belt dialogue so expect that – you have been warned.  It’s nice to see in addition that a lady who is larger than life and twice as funny is object of romantic interest even though at times this is a little fasecious – Mellissa’s aliases are several once she becomes an agent.  Set in the USA, Jason Statham comes across with a strongly masculine role and no nonsense delivery of his lines, in fact in the sequel we could see more of him as he is so good in this part.

Called “The Funniest Film of 2015” by a Daily Mirror reviewer, some of the characters cast in the film play virtually “straight” roles which only succeeds in giving the comedy more gravitas. Comedy is often more difficult to play than non-comic roles and the characters handle this effectively.  The malicious Rayner enterprise and trying to bust it up is one of the themes of the story.

Look out for the unusual gift McCarthy gets given by her admirer and for the funny footage of her practicing her agent role in a short black and white interlude. Characters interact effectively and it is a total change to see a clever film with lots of action which is also, excluding one or two below the belt off the cuff ruses, fun for all the family.

Available at all good stores which stock DVD’s as a new extended cut version plus hilarious extras.  Under offer – two for twenty pounds at HMV Oxford Street, London.