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The power AI: 300 workers got fired for Moonlighting

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With the advent of Covid-19 which inspired working from home, as many as 300 Wipro employees’ were fired for moonlighting, as they took advantage of working from home and worked parallelly with another company. Digital India has the means to expose the culprits.  Wipro’s motto is “everything starts with an ambition” but when this becomes greed it is lethal. “ The humble looking PF Office helps to detect moonlighting (serving more than one employer at a time) by IT workers, same competency but double delivery, with two different laptops, same WIFI, catering to two different clients – all from the comfort of their own home in own hometown.

The most innocent-looking unassuming Provident Fund Contribution. The Indian Government mandated that PF contribution has to be deposited regularly and its violation was a serious offense.

The same employee’s bank account is used to deposit PF, same is required by companies to do a background check, as the moonlighters were forced to create two identities both financially and demographically. So the PF runs a daily Duplication algorithm to check if someone has been paid double accidentally and found out that there are accounts of individuals where contributors are multiple.

India’s UPI and Adahar identity technology is the most sought-after in the world.  An open-architecture where every database talks to others seamlessly without human intervention. India is where the delivery of citizen-centric services through technology has matured to a level where it’s become a way of life.