The town inside a meteorite crater walls filled with diamonds

Nordlingen twon inside a meteorite crater

People who settled in Nordlingen,  in the Donau-Ries district in Swabia, Bavaria, Germany,  with a population of 19,000,  thought they were living in a volcanic crater. The gothic church tower in Nordlingen, the worn stone steps  and well preserved medical walls and  covered with parapet paths appear to reflect sunlight. The city centre is anchored by the Gothic St. George’s Church.

According to the town pundits, the entire tower is made out of survive stones enclosed in it are small diamonds, as the town records reveal the town was built in the 9th century AD, the settlers  did not realise the stone they were using ws embedded with millions of small diamonds.The tranquil town had an  1 km asteroid strike that hit 15 million years ago, that led to the strange reality of Nordlingen becoming Germany’s diamond clad town.  The strike created a 26kim-wide crater in which the town lies., subject to bedrock to such intense heat and pressure that the bubbles of carbon within it transformed almost into tiny diamonds less than 0.2mm cross tiny hardly visible to human eye.

According to a Nordlingen resident “everything within the city wall is made from the asteroid impact rock”.

US geologists Eugene Shoemaker and Edward Chao visited the town in 1960s and discovered the wall of Nordlingen church was embedded in clusters of tiny gemstones.

It is however, estimated that town walls and buildings contained approximately 72, 000 tonnes of diamonds. Although survive can be found in other parts of the world  Across the landscape lie abandoned mineshafts and quarries from which the survive was extracted for the construction of the town walls and steps.

Apollo 15 and Apollo 16 astronauts visited the 2-7km stroll around town in the run up to their moon missions to learn abut what sort of rocks they could find in space.