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Tom Savano: An Imaginative name and drinks to go with it!

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Entrepreneur James Kerslake
Entrepreneur James Kerslake

Entrepreneur James Kerslake hailing originally from New Zealand, is now the founder and owner of this high end cocktail drinks company based in East London.  The two year old company, situated in Canning Town, and already available in John Lewis, possibly soon to go into Waitrose, manufactures a stunning range of cocktails in designer label bottles to suit very many tastes. Drinks like Espresso Martini, Mai Tai, Raspberry Gimlet, Mojito, Margerita and Negromi are just a few from this outlet and if you are interested in prices and ordering, get in touch by email on or  I savoured a couple of cocktails which are conveniently packaged in small bottles which serve two, or large bottles (200mlx12,500mlx6 or 5Lbag in box) and found the Mojito’s mint flavour was so close to the fragrance and taste of fresh mint that I was stunned.  James says the mint is infused and mixed by hand to get its very distinctive taste imperative to a good cocktail but all cocktails deserve a try. The label design has had every attention to detail to make it eye catching and part of the enjoyment of the product inside the bottle.

I can imagine that before very long, pubs with customers wanting cocktails might find a place on their shelves for ready made ones. I can equally imagine that if pre-mixed cocktails at the prices I have seen  quoted in The Hotel Show go into hotel bedroom fridges or onto supermarket shelves there will be a surge in the enjoyment of these wonderful drinks.


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