Dolly the Chihuahua

Does the dog approve woman’s partner?



Dogs and cats are increasingly viewed as family members, a person’s pets may wield significant influence on human courtship and ultimate partner choice.

How much does a dog’s opinion matter when a woman chooses a date, or a potential mate? While men treat their dogs as their companions and friends, women tend to look upon them as their children as well, and women tends to be more sensitive as to how their partner treats their dog. A cardinal tenet of evolutionary psychology is that women tend to allocate more brownie points subconsciously to child-rearing. So, a man’s interaction with a dog provides a woman with clues signalling their date’s qualities as a potential parent, according to the research by the University of Nevada anthropologist Peter Gray, published in Psychology Today. A man who has a dog automatically leads women to believe that he’s nurturing and responsible with people too, and that he is affectionate and compassionate especially if he has adopted a rescued dog. Women also placed value on how their dog reacted to a potential mate, in the same way that she would put value on how her human children would react to a potential mate. The survey found that women are more satisfied in their relationships when their partners feel the same way they do about their companion animals, and when there is harmony in the household.

Kazuo Fujita, the lead researcher of Kyoto University in Japan, tested 18 canines where dogs watched as their owner asked stranger to help him open a box. One stranger refused to aid the owner, and the other came to the owner’s rescue,  who then approached the dogs with treats when the animal refused to take food from the strangers who had snubbed their owners but took treats from the helpful stranger.

“They’re watching our every move to see if we give them clues as to our intentions. In this way, they can anticipate that it’s time for a walk, or see that you are getting ready to leave or perhaps that it’s dinnertime. They’ve become the animal kingdom’s human language experts- both physical and spoken language.” According to Oscar E Chavez, DVM at Cal Poly Pomona University.

Here are a few signs that indicate that your dog disapproves of the man you’re seeing:

A stiff tail between the legs and ears pinned to the back.

Growling or snarling

A polite sniff of the crotch is a stamp of approval. A crotch bite, on the hand is not.

If your pup is licking the guy by the third date you’re ok. If that lick of approval happens on the first date, keep the man!

If you date throws a stick and the dog, who normally fetches everything, refuses to fetch the stick it’s a sign of massive disapproval.

Refusal to greet him

Refusal to leave you alone in his company.