Boris Johnson

Supreme Court defeated Johnson paved way for “People versus Parliament election”

Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson brushed off Supreme Court defeat and paved way for “ people versus Parliament general election” with a defiant defence of his Brexit strategy, with a claim that MPs were trying to “ sabotage” Brexit, and claimed that MPs had “ run to the courts”  instead of having the courage to take him on in an election.

He challenged the opposition to table a vote of no-confidence in him and “face a day of reckoning with the voters,” and further claimed he hopes to present himself as the defender of 17.4 m Leave voters against a Remain establishment which remains divided.

Mr Johnson said “ The Supreme Court was wrong to pronounce on what was essentially a political  question  at a time of great  national controversy”, while respecting the ruling of the Supreme Court in overturning the five-week suspension of parliament, which 11 justices said  was an “ extreme attempt to stop MPs from  doing their job.

Mr Johnson further asserted that parliament was “ gridlocked and paralysed”.

Jeremey Corbyn, Labour leader said his party would not back an election or table a no-confidence motion until Mr Johnson had negotiated in Brussels an extension to the Article 50 process, delaying Brexit  well beyond October 31.

Both sides are far apart with no progress at all on the outstanding issue of future customs arrangement for Northern Ireland.