Happy St David’s Day

Daffodils and leeks
Daffodils and leeks

Saint David’s Day  ( Dewi Saint in Welsh) or the Feast of Saint David, is the feast day of Saint David, the patron saint of Wales and falls on 1 March, who died in 589, and was canonised by Pope Callixtus in the 12th century.

To mark the day Welsh people around the world wear one or both of Wales’s national emblems- a daffodil and a leek,

Normally,  a National St David’s Day parade is held in the centre of Cardiff every year, with lots of exciting performances by dragons and theatre groups with children taking part wearing traditional Welsh clothing and performing traditional Welsh dances.

St David who was a vegetarian,  eating especially only leeks and drank water and his monks ploughed the field by hand and did not eat meat.

His last words to his followers before his death have been “ Be joyful, keep the faith and do the little things that you have heard and seen me do”.  The phrase “Gwenwch y pethau bychain mewn bywyd”



Let’s indulge and talk about Wales

From where St David hails

And he’s officially celebrated once a year.


He was a Bishop in the sixth century

And lived in Pembrokeshire on a diet that was very elementary

And spent many an hour in prayer


Wales provides some awesomely big names in creative and acting spheres…

Like Catherine Zeta-Jones, Tom Jones, Catherine Jenkins, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Aled Jones,  and of COURSE Dylan Thomas.

Think of a few more and play some games!


And wow!  What a flag! Let it be windy wheresoever it is flying so it doesn’t sag!

The awesome red dragon is something to behold

When they designed that flag, they truly struck gold!


St David is often pictured with a dove

He spread good faith, cohesion and love

This is why he is held very dear


He founded a few Abbeys including Glastonbury

And when he did these things there was never a hurry

As to do things in too much haste usually fails


Oh but before I go to the end of my ditty

I must endeavour to say something pretty

About the wonderful food in Wales


Cawl – sometimes regarded as Wales’ national dish, Welsh Rarebit, Laverbread, Welsh cakes, Bara Brith and the Glamorgan sausage, not to forget that Lamb from Wales is a much sought after delight.

So nearly ends my little piece of writing about some of my favourite people. But last and by no means at all least –  Rugby and Choirs must get a mention.  It was not to leave anybody out – That’s not my intention. Happy St Davids Day and enjoy celebrating. So now you’ve heard my contribution if you’ve been waiting! AND very last but very  not least – Welsh Labour Man Aneurin Bevan one time Minister of Health founded

The National Health Service – WOW!

PLUS – don’t forget when you go to Wales to visit the magnificent castles – you can’t say you’ve been there unless you count THEM in so see them without any hassle and ENJOY!

Nos da and Yaki Dah