Pappu Zebra

Mammoothy introduces Pappu Zebra mascot

Pappu Zebra and Mammoth
Pappu Zebra and Mammooty
Pappu Zebra
Pappu Zebra

Kerala Superstar actor Mammooty introduced the new Pappu Zebra, the mascot of Kerala Police’s road safety awareness campaign in 3D animation through his Facebook page.

The mascot created by Nandan Pillai was initially launched on June 3, 2009, and was so successful it won the International Media Safety Award for the best Road Safety awareness programme. In the first year itself Pappy Zebra was responsible for reducing road accidents by 2 per cent. Pappu Zebra became the official logo of the Kerala Police Traffic Wing on June 3 2009.

“The stripes on every Zebra in the world is different and I thought what could be more unique than that. The lines on the road mean a lot. That gave me the initial spark and the Zebra lines helped me to develop it further and Pappu Zebra was created in the form of a school going kid to make it friendly and easy to associate with.”


In 2017, he created four friends for Pappu Zebra two boys named Jeevan ( life), Samay (Time), Rekha ( Traffic rules) and Sradha ( alertness).