Three and half decades of Super Mario Bros

Super Mario is 35
Super Mario Bros is 35

Pint-sized Mario and his brother Luigi make their debut in September 1985, 35 years ago, in the first-ever “Super Mario Bros”.

 The mustached plumbers would have sold a staggering 373 million games across the world.

Mario, wearing red overalls with an unfortunate habit of losing his love interest to a spiky over-sized turtle, has become a craze among millions of people’s lives.

To coincide with Mario’s 35th birthday, Nintendo is re-releasing three of his classic adventures. Super Mario 64 originally released on the Nintendo 64, Super Mario Sunshine ( GameCube), and Super Mario Galaxy (Wii).

In the current world of ultra-high definition, 3D gaming, and huge budget titles being made every year, Mario 64 back in the days were well made to make gameplay timeless although the graphics weren’t quite up to what the PlayStation was achieving.

One of the earliest memories of Super Mario games was running around with Mario, making Luigi jump and Yoshi eat anything he could find, with every single game trying to capture that magic as you are learning more and more as you unlock new areas, jumping through paintings not knowing what’s going to be in front of you.

Mario enjoyed three and a half decades of racing karts, travelling through space, and swinging a fire-breathing turtle round and round until he lands on a bomb.