Rihanna launches her Valentine

Hope of empowerment and inclusivity

Rihanna launches her Valentine
Rihanna launches her Valentine Savage X Fenty

Savage X Fenty Rihanna’s clothing business has made waves in the fashion world by calling for inclusivity, diversity and taking fashion into a new level by striking a deal with Amazon Prime, and by putting female desire at the forefront. It’s about making women look good in their own eyes, no the eyes of someone else.

Online retailer TechStyle Fashion Group topped its annual revenue $750m (£574m) last year after adding Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty label.

There has been a movement in fashion toward female empowerment and inclusivity enabled by social media.

“As with most products out there, fashion brands are selling hope and dreams, which is now the hope of empowerment and inclusivity. But that doesn’t mean the customer actually will be empowered, fulfilled and feel included” Rihanna.