Letter to the Editor

Dear Sir

Now that Brexit is actually upon us with a dearth of hard facts or deep discussion about policy, may I offer these thoughts?

  • Change to Euro – debate. If not, why not?
  • Implement better birth control now that benefit stops at the second child.
  • Seriously debate mixed marriages in the House. If it is legal then it should not prove trying.
  • Discuss starting more prescription medications manufacture in the UK.
  • Address mental health in a weekly TV prog. Can be widely discussed with many angles including how to improve mental health.
  • Restore pension ages for women to 60. Much support for this.
  • A close and permanent scrutiny on the lottery made readily available.
  • A call for English (or another language) to be internationally taught thus enabling communication throughout the world to improve (e.g. Doctors then not needing translators when foreign patients come with children for treatment).
  • School agenda item to cover studying many religions as part of All childrens’ studies. Also more financial management advice at school level.
  • A full briefing to the public through media on how British Farming and agriculture can benefit from Brexit.

Clare Hunter